February 5th, 2002


Family Guy is getting canceled?!?!

I found out here (original post is at the bottom of the last page).

This sucks!

Family Guy is one of the funniest shows I've seen in a long time. It actually makes me laugh out loud. In the recent episode when they visisted a nudist family's home, as they were driving home Chris kept on saying "boobies". So out of nowhere, the rest of the family puts on shades and Louis flashy-things Chris like in Men In Black to make him forget about the boobies and think he went to a carnival. My god, I couldn't stop laughing! I was watching it alone and I laughed out loud... That is so rare for me.

I can't believe they would cancel the show!!! :(

In that thread, someone mentions a petition. It already has like 30,000 signatures.

I hope this turns out to be a false rumor. Fox couldn't be so stupid. Sure, they're stupid enough to keep shows on the air that suck, but I've never known them to cancel a show that was so good.

If it's true, there must be more to it. Some other reason we're not hearing. If it was just the time slot that's giving the show poor ratings (competing with Friends) they could easily move it. Put it in place of that piece of crap King of the Hill. If they do drop it, I sure hope someone else like Comedy Central picks it up.

If it's true, Feb 14th will be the last show. :(
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