January 25th, 2002


I'm back!

This past weekend I moved into my new apartment. I have a LOT to write about it. I'm going to try to do this all from memory. If you're interested . . .
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I was just unpacking a box of toiletries and stuff... and found that I had 9 sticks of deodorant... NINE!!! All different kinds. I guess I kept trying to find one I like, and never finished the ones I didn't like. Why don't I just throw them out? Beats me. Maybe I like the idea of always having a back-up even if it's something I don't like.
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While unpacking I was going through some old things I've collected and came across a Valentine's Day card I saved:

Hope your Valentine's Day
is as wonderful and warm
as a favorite blanket
or a hug from someone special...
or a thought of you!

Happy Valentine's Day

Friends Always ok? :)


Always. :)
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