January 16th, 2002


"7 Questions" Survey

Another one of those get-to-know-me things, if you're interested. This one's unique because it has fewer questions, but makes you give 7 answers to each. Heh...

I'm sort of afraid of what my answers might be to some of these... but here we go anyway...

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The Elements!

I found this link to use in my last entry, but I wanted to give it its own entry because it's just so darn COOL!!! For those of you who haven't heard Tom Lehrer's "The Elements" before, this might not be as enjoyable, but at least it gives the song some visualization for you so it's easier to grasp. On the other hand, if you HAVE heard the song before, seeing this visualization is hilarious. Especially the end! :) So here it is... you need Macromedia Flash Player to view it:

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Fuck You

I don't put up with people who call me a fucking retard.

Get out of my life.

Consider yourself special. You're the first person I've ever blocked on AIM.
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