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Willow Dance
So I re-captured the video that WMM screwed up for me, and guess what... For some reason it saved the newly captured video with the timestamps from yesterday's capture, which were (I thought) deleted. What's more, the project I created yesterday then tried to use that video as its source for clips, which of course didn't work at all because it wasn't the exact same capture time and length. I'm in awe at WMM's ability to do crazy things.

But anyway, at least this time I worked around its quirks and got the video made. I now present: Willow Dance.

Willow Dance
Windows Media (of course, being from WMM):
150kbps (2.1MB)
340kbps (4.7MB)

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wow, that was crazy!
that dog's got SKILLS.

were you kicking it every time?

Yeah, except once I picked it up and threw it but I don't think I used that clip...

She's like the canine equivalent of Lance Armstrong. :) She does this every day and just keeps getting faster. Sometimes you can't get the ball past her. And sometimes she beats the ball to where it would land.

(Deleted comment)
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