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Windows Movie Maker (3x) ... YOU SUCK!

How annoying. So I put together this (thankfully) simple movie and tell it to save at a size reasonable for sharing on the web. It goes through its progress bar and saves the file. Or so it would seem. When it finishes, it prompts me for my login to a video hosting service. Um, no... Just give me the file please thanks.

I skip that and exit WMM then go to My Videos to find the file. There's the file with the name I gave it, but it's too big, and it's not the movie the way I put the clips together. WTF? Ok, so I thought I was an idiot and had one of the clips selected instead of the timeline when I clicked "save movie", causing it to save that source clip instead of my timeline.

So I delete the file and then go back into WMM and recreate the movie (I hadn't saved the project) then try to save it again, this time being sure to have the timeline selected. It goes through, then at the point where it would save, it instead gave an error that it couldn't save the movie... and told me to make sure the destination doesn't already exist and that the source files are still available.

Um, no the destination doesn't already exist because I just deleted it. Source files? I dunno, where would they be?

You mean to tell me that you took the filename I typed in as the name to give my finished movie and saved the source files as THAT??? How much sense does that make? You first asked me what to name the captured video collection, and I gave you that. So then why wouldn't you name the source files after THAT? And if the filename I typed in for the finished movie was used instead for the source files, then where the heck did you save my finished movie???

Much suckage. I just wanted to use you for a quick simple movie, and you couldn't even do that.

Prime directives of movie editing software:

  1. The user must know where the capture files are.

  2. The user must know where the saved movie files are.

  3. These two groups of files must not be confused.

WMM fails at all 3.
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