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So... self, what's been up with you lately?

Well, this past weekend was spent almost entirely at work. Ever tried to build a whole new domain on new servers and then slip it into place over a weekend? Probably not. I can't imagine any other type of business that would've needed to do this. But we had a unique mess of a situation and decided it was better to start over clean than to migrate stuff to new versions but still have it all be a mess. Plus we had the manpower to do it, being a networking company and all. We became our own customer. :) So I ended up working 'til 3am Friday night, 2am Saturday night, and then about 3 hours Sunday before I finally got my small piece of the picture taken care of. Monday was hell setting up all the users and putting out fires everywhere, and I ended up staying 'til about 9pm. Today it was finally almost back to normal and I got out at my usual time.

A week or two ago I bought a new bike. I haven't had a bike since I quit delivering papers my senior year in high school, and that bike was all rusted out and falling apart from delivery during salty winters. I've taken the new one for a spin a few times now... Works great, as it should. Seat's a bit hard and narrow though. I coworker recommended a Serfas seat... Looked like this one. Maybe I'll look into that.

And the same day, I picked up the new Harry Potter book. That was the day it came out, actually. Walmart had a pallet of them right in the entrance. $16 or so. My mom finished it already, but I'm still only about 1/4 of the way in.

Before that I went to a Shakespeare in the Park play at Highland Bowl with Jamie and met a bunch of RIT friends there as well (wasn't planned, but I'd be surprised if they weren't there). That was an interesting and entertaining take on Shakespeare. I think the play was called Comedy of Errors. But it had Elvis in it. :) You had to be there.

And a week before that Jamie and I went to see Batman Begins. Good movie.

I've been banging around on the piano of course as always. The strings I broke playing Jon Schmidt stuff have been fixed and aren't being too troublesome. They just needed some adjusting the first week as they stretched out. I've learned a new Jon Schmidt piece now... Bells of Freedom. Another one in the key of G major. Jon seems to like that key. (Waterfall, I Saw Three Ships, North Pole Express... all also in my repertoire :) ) He announced on his mailing list that he'll have "minus" tracks available for Game Day and Pachelbel meets U2. That should be fun... I always thought the orchestration with Game Day was cool and the piano part alone doesn't quite cut it. So with the minus track, I'll be able to play along. :)

That's about it these days.

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You can play North Pole Express?! Did you create sheet music for it?

omgosh i would luv u forever if u could send that to me.

Please email me at

If you have it I will pay you for it.

Or u can reach me on AIM at BCDarkness
or MSN at


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