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Dan Price

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"Couldn't pour water out of a boot...

...with instructions on the heel." --Weird Al

Yeah, so, I had an incredibly stupid moment tonight as I was feeding the dogs. Willow (see userpic) has a prescription for some seizure-like symptons, so we give her a pill with every meal in a tiny bit of peanut butter mixed in with her food.

Ok, so I open the jar of peanut butter and take out a little bit on the end of a spoon. I then change my grip of the spoon so my fingers are free to close the jar of peanut butter and open the bottle of pills. This puts the spoon in an upright position with the tab of peanut butter facing away from me. Holding the pill bottle in my hand that's also holding the spoon, I remove a pill with my other hand and go to place it in the tab of peanut butter on the spoon. Next thing I know, I'm picking up pills off the floor. Yeah, someone should've set the pill bottle down or put the cap back on before turning his wrist to access the peanut butter that was facing away from him. :-P

That was such textbook stupidity, I just had to post it. I'm so proud. :)
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