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Movin' Out
Woohoo! Awesome show. I thought it was going to have more plot to it like Mamma Mia did, but instead it was more like a concert with dancing accompaniment, the band being on a platform above the dancers. The plot was explained in the program, but the general idea of it was obvious.

They didn't play Piano Man or Root Beer Rag... :( ...but I can understand they didn't really fit in. I read somewhere that Piano Man is actually one of Billy's least favorite songs because it's so simple-minded or something, so maybe that's another reason it wasn't used. And the style of Root Beer Rag would just stick out like a sore thumb against all the other numbers. Maybe it could've been an encore or something though.

Speaking of which, the curtain call was awkward but unique in a good way... After all the dancers too their bows, they motioned up at the band, which got a standing ovation, and then the dancers left the stage and the band kept playing, so people kept standing and semi-applauding, not sure what's going on. Then the piano man and the saxophone player break into some solos that each got their own applause, then they continued with the Movin' Out theme, brought the actors back out on stage for a final bow, then the song ends and the curtain drops. So it was awkward to the audience because they were standing for a while and listening more than applauding, but good in that it recognized the band in more of a concert style.

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I have heard Billy has problems singing the range of some of his earlier songs, Piano Man being included in that group. Could be another reason it's not done...

Yeah but Billy wasn't in the show himself (unfortunately), and the guy who was is incredible, as much vocally as on the piano, so I'm sure he could've done it. But it could still be a reason Billy claims he doesn't like the song.

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