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Style Contest
This totally sucks. It doesn't bother me so much that I didn't win. What pisses me off is the surprise factor. Brad never said anything about how or when the scoring/voting process would take place. Instead we just sat here in silence waiting to hear what's going to happen next. I was expecting to maybe see him post the entries on a page where everyone could vote for them... but no, instead, he posted the WINNERS. Apparently there was a panel of judges - that's kind of an important detail to be left out.

What also gets me is how he encouraged me personally to submit my style, saying it looked nice, and so I put a lot of work into it to clean it up and make it comply more to the requirements of the contest. He said I should submit it even though it uses both hard-coded images and color variables, because he could clean it up as needed if it wins. So I submitted it with the a note that it looks best in conjunction with a specific color scheme. But then I go and look at how the entries were viewed, and see that he totally ignored what he told me earlier about it being ok that my style requires my color scheme, and he scored all the styles based on how they look with HIS color scheme.

Well damn, if I knew he was going to score them that way, I wouldn't even have entered because my style doesn't stand a chance with black, yellow and gray backgrounds and white text. I only entered because Brad told me it didn't matter that my style wasn't color-free.

Oh well, at least the style still looks good on my own journal - and better than it looked before, since I put so much work into it for the contest.

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welcome to the world that many of us notice every day - those in power stay in power and make all the decisions. I'm not complaining because this is Brad's world to do with as he wishes, but I just thought it a good opportunity to point out that you notice the paternalistic bias which some of us notice every day.

Well I wasn't seeing it as a paternalistic bias or power issue. I likened it more to a college professor who assigns a huge project without indicating how it will be graded, then giving failing grades to students who put tons of work into something he wasn't looking for because he left the assignment open-ended when it really wasn't.

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