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HONK!..... HONK!..... HONK!.....

I'm getting quite pissed at my car alarm. Since I got the car almost 3 months ago, the factory alarm has gone off for no apparent reason like 5 times - maybe more that I don't know about. Each time it had rained within the previous 24 hours. I took it in to get it looked at but of course they can't find anything wrong with it.

Today, I drove to the bank during lunch to deposit my paycheck. I turned off the car, opened the door, and the alarm started going off before I even got out!!! Ok, so I hit the unlock button on the door which is supposed to turn it off, but it didn't. I tried the unlock button on the keychain remote too, and that didn't work either! That's all the owner's manual says to do (no I didn't take it out and read it there - I just remembered it saying that when I was reading up about the alarm, since I've never had one before), but I figured if I put the key in the ignition that should convince the car that everything's ok, and fortunately it did, and the alarm turned off. After honking like 20 times. Sheesh. Right in front of the bank too.

I was meeting my mom there to go do some shopping afterwards, and she pulled up right after I managed to get it turned off. I went over to tell her what happened, and I had a hard time controlling my voice. A combination of fright, embarrassment and pure rage was pumping through my veins so hard I couldn't control it. :-/

I've been going through the trouble of not setting the alarm when I park at home so that it won't disturb the neighbors anymore. In order to do that, I need to leave the driver's door unlocked, get out and close it, then lock it with the key from the outside. What a pain.
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