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How many "is"s do we need!?

Heard on WBER this morning:

"...the thing is is is that..."

And no, he wasn't stuttering.

One "is" is correct for that phrase. Two "is"s is used way too often and it annoys and distracts me anytime I hear it, but sadly I'm usually the only one who DOES hear it. Three "is"s should get one arrested for language abuse.

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Wow, three "is"s is pretty impressive!

Re: (Post from random fathomite)

Your sentences actually make perfect grammatical sense to me. :) Thanks for not being dumb!

By the way, there IS a case where people often say "is is" that is actually correct: "What it is, is..." In that case, "What it is" is the subject and the second "is" acts on it. I only take issue with saying "The thing is, is..." because the FIRST "is" acts on "The thing", so the second "is" is superfluous.

That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is that it? It is.

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