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My Christmas List

Ok, maybe I more intend to buy this stuff myself. I'm trying to put together a new system. It's hard to figure out what to get though. For example, the ASUS motherboard... I'm not sure what the difference is between the P5GD2 and P5AD2, except that the P5AD2 seems more popular and performs better in some benchmarks, but the P5GD2 is more expensive and one reviewer calls it the "bigger brother".

Then there's the video card. I'm not messing around with stupid incompatibilities this time, so I'll limit myself to the video cards listed in the Windows Catalog. Well, when it comes to Designed-for-XP cards for the PCI-Express 12X slot, only 8 are listed, all in the ATI FireGL line. Those aren't gaming cards, and so the hardware reviewers give them poor marks, but they're stable and designed for graphics-intensive workstations, so maybe that's what will be good for me, and if it will still be OK for gaming just not spectacular, that's fine.

I could spend days researching all this stuff, just to have someone come along (perhaps even here) and debunk everything I've found. That's what makes this stuff so frustrating, and makes me contemplate buying a name-brand system.

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