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Poetry.com sent me a letter... They want to publish Acne.


Ok, I'm still skeptical, since it's a contest and all. But I guess I'll initial my proof anyway and send it in. I have the option to include a bio on the page opposite my poem... for $25. As if I have anything worth $25 to say about myself. :-P Plus that is only an option if I purchase the book... for another $49.95. No thanks.

But 'round about Winter 2005, I might look for this book in stores to see if I'm really in it. They say the working title is "Eternal Portraits", but that might change.

Well I won't old my breath or anything, but I'm still amused. The idea of this poem being published in "an heirloom-quality publication using the finest materials and craftsmanship" is just as ironic as the poem itself. :)

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My parents actually bought one of those books and your poem does appear in it. I didn't put a bio, though and I don't think my book was quite as expensive.

I knew it was some scam, but my parents insisted and then showed the family when we went for Thanksgiving.

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