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Poetry.com sent me a letter... They want to publish Acne.


Ok, I'm still skeptical, since it's a contest and all. But I guess I'll initial my proof anyway and send it in. I have the option to include a bio on the page opposite my poem... for $25. As if I have anything worth $25 to say about myself. :-P Plus that is only an option if I purchase the book... for another $49.95. No thanks.

But 'round about Winter 2005, I might look for this book in stores to see if I'm really in it. They say the working title is "Eternal Portraits", but that might change.

Well I won't old my breath or anything, but I'm still amused. The idea of this poem being published in "an heirloom-quality publication using the finest materials and craftsmanship" is just as ironic as the poem itself. :)

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They will publish anything. I've been published by them 5+ times. The first couple could have been legit, but then I was like... what happens if.... and sent in some really shitty stuff. Worse than you acne poem. there were typos and all kindsa stuff and they were supposedly "published"... very silly.

Yeah, I thought it might be as much. So these books apparently aren't as "highly sought-after" as they say, if they'll publish any old trash in it.

"Of the thousands of poems we read each year, only a fraction can be published."

15/16 is a fraction. No, really, it is! :)

My parents actually bought one of those books and your poem does appear in it. I didn't put a bio, though and I don't think my book was quite as expensive.

I knew it was some scam, but my parents insisted and then showed the family when we went for Thanksgiving.

Ya know what that kinda reminds me of.... the "Who's Who of American High School Students". Anyone ever get an "invitation" to that scam?

Never heard of it. Ya weirdo. ;)

Weirdo? Look who's talkin :-P

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