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Beautiful day, all is well
But soon a storm begins to swell.
In the distance thunder pounds
Deep within the cell.

Louder and louder it will not stop
But then a mighty lightning pop
Releases all the rain above
And turns the earth to slop.

©2004 Dan Price

(I wrote that so I could get a free iPod... hehe... Click the link and get one yourself! I need 5 people to do that to get my iPod. I'm one of opalcat's 5 people.)

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I SIGNED UP! you evil person.

Everything is proceeding exactly as I have foreseen. :)

you forgot the evil laughter. some bad guy you are.

I signed up, too. Except I don't have a credit card to get one of the offers at the end... And I'm already enrolled in BMG. Dammit. I want my iPod. >_< *growls*

Did you try any other offers? I initially dried the Ancestry one, but it wouldn't let me sign up using my e-mail address. It said it was invalid. (Oh yeah? Then how do I get mail at it, Einstein?) Anyway, it didn't look like it was going to ask for a credit card, so maybe that one's worth a shot if you can get it to accept your e-mail.

Ooh. Yeah, I tried most of them. Except the Ancestry one. Maybe I'll go try that, thanks. :)

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