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Postcard from Brazil!
opalcat sent me this postcard from Brazil... Woohoo! :-D

Click for album.

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wow. I'm surprised it got to you addressed like that. There must be only one Dan Price. :-D

No kidding! I was baffled by that too. :) What can I say... she's just good. lol

Wait, I think I figured it out. Brazil must be on another planet. See, because the imprinted zip code looks like some alien number system... That must be how it found me... But if she knows alien numbers, then that means she's... ACK!

Oh, no! I've been flashed!

*covers eyes and peaks out*

Yay! It got there!!! :D :D :D

I am from Brazil!
Where are u from ?:)


Hey! I use words too! What's your favorite one? I'll bet it's "Brazil", because you homed right in on that and didn't read the context, nor my profile... otherwise you'd know I'm from NY.

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