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PHP Abuse
The Rose

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That is extremely sexy. Did you come up with that or did you steal it from someplace?

(In other words, who should I be thinking about in my dreams???)

Sexy? Wow, I would've expected to hear geeky or dorky. :)

I came up with it all by my lonesome. First I was playing with image functions to see if I could accomplish the totally useless task of rendering an image using only HTML objects assigned appropriate colors. I looked on my web server for an appropriately small image to use, and that rose was sitting there. Then as I was trying to get it to work, one thing I tried was to insert a character in every span tag. Then I thought, why not a different character in every tag? And heck, why not just import lines of text that actually say something? And what's more appropriate to say than the lyrics to The Rose?

ooooooh.... the whole concept just turns me on. I am so weird. Could I see your code? ;-) :-P

Only my closest friends ever get to see my code. So check your gmail. ;)

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