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Woohoooooo!!! ....*SPLASH*

I had an awesome time at a friend's party this weekend. Lots of cool people and plenty of things to do... I went swimming and a bunch of us took turns positioning the "noodle" near the diving board and then jumping off an doing wrestling moves on it as we hit the water. I got applause for 2 of my moves. One was a forward flip - they said I looked like Jackie Chan. :) There was also a live band playing, and when they weren't playing, the huge party nextdoor had a DJ so there was always some music going on. Then there were things to do in the basement - pool, darts, ping-pong, foosball... The band, host's boyfriend and I stayed the night rather than driving back to Rochester so late. In the morning (well, noon) we had a pancake breakfast and played more games downstairs. I was feeling really icky because it was hot upstairs in the guest room where I slept and was sweating all night... so I got a shower, but I didn't have any soap or shampoo so it didn't help a whole lot, but a little. We grabbed some lunch and that was that.

But right now I'm uncomfortable because I'm still hot & icky-feeling, and I feel like I need to do some stuff before I get a shower and go to bed because it's physical labor cleaning sort of stuff that'll just get me all sweaty again so I gotta do it before I get a shower, but I can't decide how... in what order... I'm putting too much thought into this, really.

I wanna go swimming again. :)

The complex has a pool... but I don't think it's open after dark... which is the only time I can enjoy swimming, at least until I get enough exercise to get this body back into shape. :)

That's one weird thing I noticed at the parties. It's common knowledge that girls are typically more conscious of their bodies than guys. But when it came time to go swimming, the girls were first to strip down to their suits and jump in. Hmm.

I saw my friend Tracy at the party for a little while. I stole a hug from her. :) I don't think she liked that too much though. :-/ Well, I kept telling her in IM's that I was really looking forward to giving her a hug, and I meant it.

Oh well - gotta figure out what to do now and get to bed.
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