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Star Wars IV on DVD

I watched the Episode IV DVD last night, and noticed 7 things:

  1. The opening scrolling title is CURVED now? That's just wrong. It's only slight, but the ends are noticeably higher/thicker than the middle. Like they were trying to imitate a fish-eye lens effect or something.
  2. In one of the shots with C-3PO walking through the desert, they apparently did some major color correction on the sand. As a tiny C-3PO walks within the frame, all the sand in the frame is a nice, perfectly constant hue, brightness and saturation, but a halo immediately around the figure of C-3PO contains sand that changes color quality slightly from frame to frame. Clearly all of the sand used to be like that and they tried to fix it but didn't get in close enough to C-3PO to get it all.
  3. In many places, the voice-overs seem to alternate between old muddy recordings and crisp original recordings. It's unnatural and sometimes distracting.
  4. I noticed this maybe only because I had heard about it... In the scene were Han shoots Greedo, they changed it so Greedo fires first and misses, hitting the wall, before Han shoots. Lucas didn't want Han to be a killer.
  5. I never liked how fake Han looked as he stepped on Jabba's tail in the Special Edition, and they didn't fix it.
  6. The end title music seems different. Perhaps it was re-recorded from a new performance?
  7. The credits don't mention anything about the people who remastered and fixed everything for the DVD.

Perhaps one good comment though... They amazingly removed all film jitter from the entire movie. Stationary camera shots are dead still and don't move a single pixel, as if it was a digital camera. Good job there.

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