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POPFile Roolz
The other day as I upgraded POPFile to the latest release, I decided to add a new bucket. Up until now I only had it classifying my e-mail into two buckets: personal and spam. I figured I'd add one for all the worms and viruses that try to come in through attachments, so I added the worm bucket.

I went in my history and reclassified a few e-mails that had previously been classified as spam but should now be in the worm bucket. (Gross!) I only had to reclassify 5 - FIVE! - before POPFile recognized all the rest. I keep going back into my history to check random ones, but they all say "would now classify as worm".

Oh yeah, that's one of many useful new features added in the latest release. On message-view pages, if the message would now classify as some other bucket than the one to which it was originally classified, it says so. That helps avoid unnecessarily reclassifying stuff.

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Likewise, I upgraded. I didn't notice the additional Perl modules I needed to install. Oh well. I was up to 99.01% accuracy over 8300+ e-mails.

Can't complain about accuracy like that.

Now it's up to 100% after I upgraded and reset the stats. ;-)

I've had 99.31% accuracy over 13,525 e-mails, and didn't reset the stats, so that includes training of the new worm bucket. Awesome. :)

Perl modules... pheh... I ditched the multiplatform version months ago when stuff just wouldn't work anymore and nobody could figure out why the process kept disappearing. Windows version works much better for me.

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