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I can breathe!

I had been running on less than 300MB free drive space for weeks... maybe months. Not good. Windows likes a bit more. And of course everything was fragmented to hell too.

So I bought a new 80GB drive for $50. I discovered there's this new type of drive controller emerging... Serial-ATA. But you need a motherboard built to support it or an adapter card, plus there's more expensive... for now. So I stuck with the old Ultra-DMA.

I was offline for a day because I tried to install it last night but the data transfer from the old drive to the new failed and it suggested I run scandisk and defrag on the old drive. Ha! Defrag on less than 1% free space, yeah right. I let it try anyway and it barely did anything, but it was probably the scandisk that fixed the problem anyway, cuz when I tried again today it worked fine.

Only two weird problems... When I started up on the new drive, my taskbar got changed. Normally I have it 2 rows high with a 2-row by 3-icon quick launch area on the left and the rest of the space for 2 rows of program buttons. Well it changed to have quick launch and address bar on the top row and programs on the bottom. Interesting.

Plus, my ethernet connection wouldn't work. No lights on the card or the switch. Turned out to be a bad cable, cuz another worked just fine.

Things are running so much faster now. :) A side-effect of moving all my data from one drive to the other is that it all got defragged in the process. Sweet.

Yes, I know people have 250GB drives these days, but you know what? It took me like 2 years to fill up 30. I don't have a huge mp3 collection or anything. Actually I think what the college kids collect these days are full movies. Sheesh. :-P Anyway, the biggest chunk I use is about 6GB for all my digital photos. I don't delete anything I transfer from my camera. The rest of the space is taken up by applications, a view video projects and a whole lot of documents. I seriously tried several times to go through and trim out stuff I don't need anymore, but I can never find anything. I mean, below 10MB isn't worth touching because it would take too many of those to free up the space I needed, but all the stuff I could delete is probably that size or smaller and it's just not worth the effort. New drive it is. :)

I'm sure I won't be able to escape a huge drive when I finally get around to getting a new system someday, but until then I should be just fine.
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