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Bose Suspension
I'm not big into cars or anything, but you have to admit this is just damn cool.

Bose, makers of high-performance audio products, created a vehicle suspension system using electromagnets.

Be sure to check out the QuickTime videos on the lower-right, especially the Bump test track and Speed bump.

I haven't read much about it yet, but I'm curious if it needs any sort of artificial intelligence or elaborate look-ahead sensors. I mean, think about it... what if that speed bump was actually the start of a very sudden hill? How does the suspension know when to fully compensate for the wheel movement and when to allow the wheels to change the pitch of the car so it doesn't plant its fender into the bottom of a hill? I'm sure they got it all figured out - I just read about how it works when I get time.

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I think I saw a TV bit on that a while back (last month or something?) They used the wording "anticipates future road conditions", but never meantioned how.... I think it's facinating.

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