Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

Happy Birthday Me! I'm twenty-three. :)

Glad I got to do something outside Saturday... although after the sun went down the bugs came out and we had to give up on frisbee. "Sorry, Dan!" (inside joke) So we rented a movie instead and watched it in Ron's air-conditioned apartment. The movie was Stigmata, and it was pretty good. It's that type of movie you have to watch multiple times to pick up everything that happens... or at least I would because I think I missed a lot, maybe because I couldn't hear it. It brought back memories of the class I took with Jamie Campbell, "Special Topics: Morality of Violence from Jesus to St. Augustine" in which we talked about the historical Jesus and the language of Aramaic. I got an incomplete in that class though, as much as I enjoyed it, because I couldn't do a paper. *sigh* Actually that incomplete was supposed to turn into a failure at the end of Spring quarter, because I still haven't been able to do the paper. It's such a shame. Although I loved the class and the professor, I failed the class because of the mechanics of an assignment.
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