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Los Grandos Picnicos 3.Ocho

It was great to see everyone again, as it is every year at this annual picnic.

I brought some awesome cinnamon-swirl bread from Montana Mills, and some whipped butter to go with it, and Welch's Strawberry Breeze. Pure bliss. Too bad everything else people brought was so good everyone could only have a little of each one! And there was a lot left over.

Someone else reserved the shelter we usually use. In previous years it was first-come-first-served. Oh well. So we set up down the hill closer to the pond's beach at open picnic tables and hoped for no rain.

John did his magic at the grill and everyone mingled and ate well.

We didn't get to play any volleyball. For one, the beach was wet and with its coarse sand that doesn't work too well. And secondly, it was too windy.

But Sara brought her kites! Strangely, in the field where she tried to fly them away from the beach and trees, she struggled to find any wind at all. I got pictures though...

Click for Album

Then we threw a Frisbee around for a while, continued to mingle, hoping the wind would die down so we could play volleyball.

It didn't. Instead the sky got dark, sprinkled a little warning on us, then got a lot windier and poured buckets. We all scrambled to cover the food and ourselves. My umbrella was in my car on the other side of the hill, so I sought shelter on the downwind side of a thick tree's trunk. That worked for the first 10 minutes until the tree got saturated and started dripping on me. Then I made a mad dash for the car and got my umbrella.

I guess everyone decided to cancel the picnic at that point. Can't imagine why. I came back under my umbrella to help carry the last few things back to our cars and clean up.

Ron, John and either Meredith or Christine, I forget which, took a walk to the end of the parking lot to put our garbage in the dumpster. They were already soaked to the point of not caring. On the way back, they were stomping in some pretty big puddles. Too bad I didn't have my camera out... or clean/dry hands to hold it.

We decided to go see The Manchurian Candidate. Good movie. Then we went to some place called Jeremiah’s on Monroe Ave for a late dinner and drinks and chillin'.

In the end, Ocho isn't about the weather, it's about the people. And we can have a good time in a hailstorm. :)
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