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Ok, most people know that touching an LCD screen causes it to leave trails, but have you ever seen one that leaves a spot with an X through it???

That's what my hp f1903 does.

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a) I still think it's your finger.

2) How'd you get that image?

a) Shall I try my elbow instead?

2) What, you don't think I just did a printscreen? :) I took a picture with my digital camera in macro focus mode. If I was a little faster on the shutter it would've shown the spot a bit darker before it faded.

d) I shot a movie too. I could post that if you still don't believe me. :-P

vii) My laptop screen at work has its own strange behavior. It makes a spot once when I press, then immediately goes away even if I keep pressing, but then makes another spot when I release, which also immediately goes away. It's like it has onPress and onRelease events. :)

1011) What kind of screwy list is this ANYWAY???


Maybe all LCDs have their own unique way of reacting to touch. Or maybe there are different types of pixel lay outs? I don't know. Very interesting. Your camera rocks. :-) :-P

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