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What time is it when...

...the world gets narrow, then buldges, then gets bright, then snaps back to normal, then repeats that 3 times, then restarts itself twice, then goes completely dark?

Time to buy a new monitor.

Yeah, the nice 17" Mitsubishi DiamondPro I've had for several years since I bought it from a company I did support for for $50 (a steal!) finally kicked the bucket. It probably would've kept going had I not felt like changing away from the same display mode I've used for years and messing with the image adjustments. Some component inside was comfy-cozy and I disturbed it and I guess I pay the price. And some price... the kind of LCD monitor I want to get runs around $800.

So how am I posting this? Well I could've attached a spare monitor lying around, but it's too hot to be messing around with stuff like that. I could've VNCed into my desktop from my work laptop, but the screen sizes don't match and all the scrolling was driving me nuts. So instead I came down to my Linux server in the basement, determined to figure out how to run the graphical mode I've never used so I can bring up a browser or something. The farthest I got was to open up an X window that lets me to nothing more than open Xterm windows. So that doesn't really help. I found the Elinks browser command though, and ran that. Text-mode web browsing, woohoo! I Googled for some help on getting Fedora Core 2 into graphical mode, and I think I found it. And while I'm here I decided to post on LiveJournal to see if it works. It does. :) But this text area seems to be limited in size. Weird. It scrolled some but then wouldn't go any further. Oh wait, now it's scrolling again. Hmm, OK, so it'll keep scrolling as long as I keep typing, but I can't arrow up/down through here or it'll navigate me around the page instead. Oh well.

Now to reboot the server and see if it comes up in graphical mode.

Assuming I'll be gone all weekend, Happy Independence Day!
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