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Officially spooked...

Just now I got a call on my cell phone.

Normally that would be freaky enough because nobody calls my cell phone. Hardly anyone knows my number, except it's listed on the company phone list at work. Still, nobody has needed to call me.

I missed the call, but I looked at the number it was from... Didn't recognize it, but I thought I should look it up on the company phone list since like I said that's the only place I've "published" it. So I pulled out my work laptop to look up the latest spreadsheet that was e-mailed.

While it's booting up, my phone makes a funny noise. I read the screen to find out it's the New Voicemail noise. (I normally have it on vibrate, so I don't hear these sounds, but it automatically changes to loud mode when plugged in to recharge, which it was. Plus, since I never get calls, I wouldn't know the sound even if I always had sounds on.)

So I call my voicemail box to listen to it. At first it sounds like someone fumbling with their phone, but it never stops. And it just gets weirder. It sounds like alien voices and clicks, but there are chopped human syllables peppered in here and there. At times the sounds hurt my ear and resemble the alien transmission in the movie Contact, so I wonder if it's a real message that got digitally corrupted, or even some sort of phone virus. It lasts for about 2 or 3 minutes.

My laptop finally comes up and I pull up the phone list. At this point I'm thinking it's less likely to be anyone from work due to the bizarre nature of the message. But I figure I'll check anyway, so I check the phone once more to see what the number was, then look back at my screen...

You know how Excel files your last cursor location? Well, the cell that was highlighted (I had done nothing but open the file) contained the number that called me! That's spooky beyond words.

The employee whose cell phone has that number was among the guys with whom I worked today on a customer's PC upgrade project, so it's remotely possible that he would have needed to call me about something...

But having run into him at the store last weekend and met his toddler son, I'm going with the theory that his cell phone fell into the play pen tonight and my number was in its phonebook. :) I'll mention it to him at work Monday if I remember.
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