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Blogger Code
My blogger code: B9 d- t- k s-- u-- f- i o+ x++ e l c-- (decode it!)

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Pst. I found your journal with the ljmap meme that's been going around. You struck me as interesting. I added you to my friends list, I hope you don't mind.

And by the way, I love your username.

Is that a meme that I actually participated in? That's rare. :)

I don't mind... But I have to wonder what kind of weirdo would find my posts interesting. ;) Usually they're about really dorky and trivial things.

By the way, thanks for writing in complete sentences! It's nice to see someone your age who will actually write properly these days.

*grins amusedly* Well. I am rather weird. And I love dorky, trivial things. Much better than rants about politics and world peace and, god forbid, the "war" on Iraq.

And as for complete sentences, I can't help it. I am a grammar nazi. I even type like this on AIM. I just want to shake everyone who doesn't know how to capitalize, or uses 2 and u and overuses the magical exclamation point.

*darty eyes* ... *runs away*

Even though I'm not religious, I just have to say... "Amen!"

*is very content with her new friend*

I'm going to enjoy you a lot, methinks.

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