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NY-BYB3704 is a Litterbug!
I remembered the license plate of the asshole in front of me on the drive in to work this morning who threw a cigarette butt at me, hoping there was some online way to report them...

Unfortunately, it looks like I'll have to move to Pennsylvania or North Carolina for that convenience. They're the only sites I could find that let their residents report litterbugs online.

But at the very least, their license plate is now recorded here. :-P

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Yeah, PA has a pretty cool litterbug reporting program. :-)

Go PA! :-D

Wow. You state that like it was the first time it's happened in years. I see at least one or two of those people per day... In fact, I was confused when you said litterbug and then talked about a cigarette butt out the window. I didn't even think of those as litter. ...Usually when I see it I think, "wow, I can't believe people still smoke."
This is sad... Obviously it is litter. Disgusting litter @ that.
Weird. 8-\

Yeah, it does happen nearly every day to me, too, and those are just the ones I notice. But at some point it just builds up to the point where you can't take it anymore, ya know?

If these people obviously don't mind the disgusting smell of smoke embedded into their car interiors, why do they have such a problem keeping their butts in an ashtray?

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