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Harry Potter
When did they replace the pre-movie slide show of ads with a digitally-projected program? That's cool. The picture is rock solid, unlike the jittery projection you get from film. I dunno how well movies would look that way though... The jitter sort of adds an authenticity to it or something. I guess it's the same issue some people have with records vs. compact discs... saying that records sound more real to them no matter how precise a CD can be.

Oh, right, I saw a movie tonight. :) It rocked. The first year of Harry Potter that I read first before seeing the movie. It was last summer that I read it, so I had forgotten many parts, but they quickly came back to me on screen. I don't remember for sure, but I thought the book had more classroom scenes having little to do with the plot. If so, they left them out of the movie, surely to keep the length reasonable.

I loved all the virtual camera tricks (flying through glass, mirrors, tight spaces, etc.) - none of it gratuitous, of course. :) Direction and everything was well-done. I remember reading last year how the new director had decided to show the kids more in street clothes than formal robes. I thought that would be a big difference, but I really didn't notice... except that it seems they designed Hermione's outfits to reveal her... *ehem* growing up. But on the other hand that's how most girls her age dress these days anyway so I can't blame them for being accurate with their goal.

It seems like they hardly explained anything though. The first two movies did a good job of explaining stuff to people who hadn't read the books. But I have a feeling if I didn't read the book for this one I'd be scratching my head a lot during the movie. To put it another way, if normal movies bring the audience in by relating to life as we all know it, this movie brings the audience in by relating to life at Hogwarts. Unlike the books that always seem to design the first chapter to re-introduce the characters, I guess they decided to make the movie expect you to have seen the previous movies first.

But regardless of all my thoughts on the matter, the movie worked very well for me, and that's all I should care about, right? :)

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Whoohoo. Someone else who has already seen it. 8-}
It was my first one to see, since reading the books also.

My mind was working overtime trying to piece stuff together. There was no mention of Wormtail, Padfoot, etc... who they actually were and stuff, which bugged me... and I think it ended kind of silly.

I went with my G'father, who hadn't read the books... and he was totally and completely confused. (He has seen the first two movies a couple of times.)

I think the clothing thing didn't get in the way as much as I would've thought too... I could make myself think, "well, they're in their third year now (which was never actually mentioned either) and maybe as they progress, they're allowed to dress more 'normally'"...In the movies.
I kept forcing myself to keep the movies separate. 8-Þ

I really liked how they pieced t'gether the scenes with the time turner too. Thought it worked well.

Okay, enough babbling. Sorry.

Nah, you're not babbling. I wanted to hear what other thought of it! :) I liked the time turner scenes too... some of the best time travel work since Back to the Future! In fact, since there were really no holes in time travel part of the plot at all, one could say it was BETTER than Back to the Future. hehe...

Oh, one thing I just remembered... When Harry and Hermione were in the forest, I kept hearing strange crackling noises. It sounded like scratches on a record, especially how rhythmic it was, but I tried to convince myself that it was supposed to be the creaking of the trees. I heard people throughout the theater whispering about it. I was pretty sure it was a problem with the projection, but then when the scene moved out of the forest, it stopped... and when they moved back into the forest, it started again. So I really don't know what to think. Did you notice it at all? It would've been hard to miss - it was rather distracting from the dialog.

Hm. That's intersting. I don't remember hearing that, but it's possible. I was too focused on figuring out what they were going to have the hatchet man actually chop. ...I'm supposed to go again either tonight or tomorrow with my little bro though, and I'll try to remember to pay attention for it. 8-}

Hey Dan-o! Having not read any of the books and only seeing the movies, I thought the third one was abolutely superb. Very much more engaging than the first two I thought. I definitely liked the "darker" feel that was brought to it. To me that made it all the more realistic and less fantasy-like. I was really afraid the whole "costume change" thing would bother me, but it was understandable and not distracting at all. As Katie put it, they are in their third year now, and are learning how to bend/break some rules with their attire. Anyway, I really enjoyed it and am hoping to see it again this coming weekend (in costume AGAIN!). :-D

Oh yeah.... one problem I had with the movie..... NEEDS MORE QUIDDITCH!

Mind if I join you? I don't have any costume though... not that I'd be caught demented in one. ;) Keep me informed!

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