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(originally posted as a comment)

I originally didn't start watching it when it came out because I couldn't forgive the creators for giving it such an uncreative name.

I caught a few episodes over the years and it had its funny parts, but I still felt like the cast was pretending to fill the shoes of people more popular than they are.

I watched the finale tonight though, and I've gotta say, as far as series finales go, it's a masterpiece that puts Seinfeld to shame.

The first hour was a "10 years of Friends" clip show that I might've found annoying if I was a regular viewer, but having only seen a handful of partial episodes, it came in handy for at least reminding me what everyone's name was. Then the 2nd hour was a normal-format episode that was a perfect mix of sappiness, twists and the same humor I'm sure they had for the past 10 years.

A touching ending to a show that never touched me. :)
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