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Evil Uniden

LOL... Ok, you know that new toy I got? Well, my laptop from work can't communicate through it. Don't know why. XP says it's connected at 100Mbps, but it can't get an IP and it can't do anything. Meanwhile, the activity light on the switch blinks constantly. When I forced the nic down to 10Mbps, the light didn't blink constantly, but it still had tons of data errors, especially trying to pull stuff off the web (as opposed to from my other computer on the switch, which has no problems). I tried swapping cables and everything, but the problem seems to simply be a combination between my laptop's nic (Intel 10/100 integrated) and the switch's ports.

So on a whim I tried hooking up my unused 1-port Linksys router between the two and set it to be a DMZ host. Worked like a charm. Except of course it's only 10Mbps because that's all the WAN port on the Linksys will do. But that's ok, as long as my desktop is 100Mbps so it can work with the file server in the basement faster.

Now guess what... I got another e-mail of Spectacular Specials from Outpost.com. And guess what's on it... Yup, a $10 Uniden 10/100 PCMCIA nic with a $10 rebate.

I guess they felt sorry for all the suckers who bought the free switch and found that various devices couldn't connect to it.
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