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Free toy! (almost)
PCS500 (click to enlarge)Back in the day, Outpost.com used to be the cool place to get stuff because they shipped everything FREE via Airborne. People wondered how they could stay afloat. Then one day they got rid of free shipping.

But I still get e-mails of their special offers. I could unsubscribe but I don't. Usually I just look at the pretty pictures and then delete. But in the last one, they offered a 5-Port Fast Ethernet Switch for $10 with a $10 rebate. All I'd have to pay was shipping! Well that turned out to be $7.04 (no thanks to the new Outpost.com) but at least I'd still save a little.

And I kinda needed another switch anyway because the hub I have in my room is only 10Mbps, so I went for it. And today it arrived. :) So I jumped through all the rebate hoops (but I have fun making copies of receipts and UPC symbols and circling things and printing envelopes) and I'll see my $10 back in 6 to 8 weeks. Heh.

And it's so sleek and sexy and has a nifty BLUE power light. New toys are fun.

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Preeeettttyyyy... :-D

*yea* for having the money to buy new toys! :-)

Can't you read? It was FREE*!

* plus shipping

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