Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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Musical Chills

Ok, you're all gonna laugh at me for this, or at least those who live in the Rochester area. You know those Raymour & Flanagan furniture commercials on TV and the radio? I'm talking about the ones that have background music that sounds like part of a sports program on TV, with the powerful brass and everything and a catchy melody in a minor key. Well, they've used that music on their commercials for several years now, but I had only heard it in their TV commercials which are just 30 seconds or less. But recently I happened to catch one of their commercials on the radio, using the same music, but the commercial was longer than on TV. So the music continued beyond what I had ever heard before! A short section went to the relative major key, and when I first heard that... it gave me the musical chills.

I still won't buy anything from that insanely overpriced place, but I like their commercial music. :)
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