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Dan Price

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Test the Nation

According to this show on Fox tonight, I have an IQ of 126.

Of course, their test is "for entertainment purposes only." Plus I didn't write down my answers and I and missed the first 6 or 8 questions because I tuned in late, so I was just memorizing my answers and for those first few questions I managed to answer them in the few seconds I had when they showed them again in the answer section before they showed the actual answer, so I knew I would have gotten them right.

There were a few questions that I couldn't answer within the allotted time, so I counted them as wrong. There may have been one or two where I couldn't remember what my original answer was before they revealed it at the end, so I counted those wrong too, for a total of 6 wrong out of 60. In my age group, 54 right is a score of 126. So I know I didn't do worse than that, but I might have done better but didn't know it because I wasn't writing down my answers.

If I had known about it ahead of time I would have participated online. (It was a live broadcast and they reported statistics about the online participants at the end of the show.) Neat idea, even if the show's style was a bit lame.
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