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Stupid Unhelpful Road Signs
All I wanted to do was go to the mall...

Directions: Take I-87 South to Crossgates Mall Road Exit.

Road signs while going south on I-87:
  • Left two lanes: I-90 East
  • Right two lanes: I-90 West, I-87 South
If you want to stay on I-87 South, what do you do? I took the right lane. Rounded a curve, and found a toll plaza. Um, no, I'm looking for Crossgates Mall Road Exit.

I wait for 5 lanes of traffic to clear, do U-turn in front of the toll plaza and get back on the only fork marked I-87, which only goes north. As long as I'm back up there I get my car washed, which I had been meaning to do for a while.

I head back down I-87 South to try again, this time paying closer attention to the signs. It says that among the right two lanes, I-87 South should fork off to the left after the 4 lanes split into 2 groups of 2. So I go that way again and look for that fork. There is none. Toll plaza again.

Dammit. Ok, so I pull up to a staffed lane and ask this dude reading a magazine how to get to I-87 South, because I keep ending up at the toll plaza. He says I-87 South is just ahead (through the toll plaza). Indeed it is, but that doesn't seem right. Why should I have to get on a toll road to get to an exit that should be less than a mile away? Heck, I could see the mall from there. Well I thank him and get on I-87 South.

Less than a mile later I drive under Crossgates Mall Road and observe the mall passing by on the right.

5 miles later I turn around at the first exit and drive the 5 miles back. I go back through the toll plaza I had been to twice before already. This time I see a fork way off to the right marked Crossgates Mall Road. If I had seen that after I made the u-turn the first time I could've saved 10 miles.

But that still doesn't explain how to get there from north of the toll plaza on I-87 (ie: without making a u-turn). By process of elimination, I can only figure that the way to get there is to take the left fork, marked I-90 East, with no mention of the fact that by taking that fork, you're actually staying on the tiny remainder of I-87 South that leads to the Crossgates Mall Road Exit but does not connect with the toll portion of I-87 South.

Nice signage.

Well, long story short, I got my car washed, went to the mall, ate at the food court and got some stuff at Best Buy.

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*yea* for Best Buy.

*boo* for poor signage. Want good signage? Go to NJ. :-D

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