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Life Decision
Imagine this scenario:
  • You've been out of work for 2 years.

  • A friend recommends you to his employer to redo the company's website, which is something you're capable of and excited to do.

  • The employer instead interviews you and offers a permanent job.

  • The company is big in the networking industry, but you have no experience or passion there and would never have applied to this company yourself.

  • They will train you and make you get certified in things in which you have no interest.

  • They will (attempt to) mold your quiet personality into a go-getter business professional, and that scares you.

  • They tell you that a decision to join the company is a permanent one, and all their current employees are there for life.

  • They are considering other candidates who had better resumés, interviewed better and tested better than you.

  • They say their gut tells them they've got something with you, but their brain says no.

  • They eventually decide to make an offer, and it's $20k, but with growth limited only by your own performance.

  • They want an answer in 24 hours.

1 being "leave it" and 7 being "take it", how would you feel about this offer?

Mean: 5.23 Median: 6 Std. Dev 1.85

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Oh, and as for what I've got to lose... Basically, respect for myself. I don't approve of dishonesty like buying a dress, wearing it once, then returning it. I see this as the same type of thing, and I couldn't respsect myself if I took advantage of them like that.

Also, if I end up being fired, that certainly won't help my already pathetic resumé.

Yes, I started several weeks ago. I made the company's new site: http://www.doxnet.com

you are welcome.. i have been an assistant pre school teacher for 3 months.. just got accepted to Grad school!! :D

Congrats back at you then! :)

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