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I found a typo on page 285 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

Snap picked up the Zonko’s bag.

Shouldn't that be Snape? :)

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Sure.... wait 'til I'm 270-some miles away from my copy of the book. Now I can't see if that's in my copy, too....

I found a site that listed various typos and errors in the books, and they included that one, so it probably is. Other errors were things I wouldn't notice, like saying the wrong character was speaking.



Wow, Thwack! I'm the webmaster of Veritaserum, and it's really cool that you put a link to me just kinda casually in this livejournal! Thanks! =)

Well, as a webmaster you should know just as well as I that it's common courtesy to provide a link for readers when you mention another site. :) And if you're wondering why I picked your site over any other, you can thank Google. Yours was the first site listing errors/typos in the HP books I could find, and it served my needs well - good job on that!

But hey, actually, it's kinda creepy that you found my reference so quickly! *eyebrow* hehe

Re: Wow!

Goooooooo Google! lol That's really cool! I found your link off of my site stats!

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