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Shower Thoughts
I've often thought about how a shower faucet could be improved to solve common temperature-related problems. Today I thought I had it all figured out. A simple arrangement of water temperature sensors and computer-controlled valves could automatically maintain a constant shower temperature regardless of changes in temperature or pressure of the feed lines.

So, I was about to contact Invention Submission Corporation (ok, not seriously, but their commercial came to mind just now and I thought it would be funny) but first I thought I'd check and see if something like this already exists.

Thanks, Google, for ruining my dreams of financial independence. http://www.moen.com/Consumer/press/Article.cfm?ArticleId=67

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Shouldn't post your ideas... someone might steal them and submit them. :) The patent process allows for hundreds of different kinds of Paper Clips to each have their own patent... I say go for it!

So then what's the point of getting a patent for anything if someone can get away with making something exactly the same except for the shape of one knob? :-P

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