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Blackjack & Christmas Party

Tonight was the annual Christmas party at Bob & Diane's. But first, before I went I was playing Blackjack on my phone to kill time and came across this weird hand...

Dealer: A, 10 (21)
Me: 6, 2, 3, A, 5 (17)

So, I got a 5-card stud, and the dealer got 21... it said the dealer won. Is that right? I tried to look up Blackjack rules online but none of them even mentioned 5-card studs. Weird.

So anyway, then I was off to the party. I had hoped to leave by 6 to get there when it starts at 7. It would normally be a 40-minute drive but 10 inches of white stuff isn't normal (but it's great!) so I figured an hour.

Well I didn't get out the door 'til 6:30, but all the roads were pretty good. The expressways had a packed skin of snow on them so the lines were covered, so I wouldn't want to be driving it in tight traffic where I'd have to make any sudden movements, but going in a straight line at a steady speed was no problem. I made it there by about 7:10! I wasn't even going fast... 40-45mph most of the way. 55 in a few clear spots where there was nobody around me. Maybe my "normal" time was wrong and it's really only 30 minutes. I dunno, anyway, I was surprised I got there that fast at low speeds.

So there was caroling and food and decorating the tree as always. It was good to see a lot of my friends again. A lot of them left rather early though. Something about needing to be places in the morning. Pah! And 3 of the "regulars", I guess I'd call them, skipped out to go see Cyndi Lauper in town instead. But Ron and John swung by after the concert to say hi, even though all but Bob R. and I had left by then, which was around 11pm. Lindsay, the 3rd regular, went straight home. The slacker.

So, once Bob R. left, it was just Bob & Diane, Ron, John and myself. I played piano while Ron and John hung the tree ornaments we left for them to do. (Nobody leaves that party without singing and hanging an ornament on the tree.) Then after I played John's last request of Super Mario Brothers, he took off.

And then there were four, and somehow we managed to chat until it was 1:30! We talked about all sorts of topics from cultures of the world to our opinions of RIT's new Paley sculpture to the art of playing an instrument emotionally instead of mechanically.

So then Ron and I took off. I went home by way of Paul Rd where it loops around the south end of the airport, and got a good look at the runway lights and how they have strobes that flash in sequence pointing in the direction of the runway - so cool. :) And then driving home I had all of 590 and 104 to myself. Of course, who else would be on the road at 2am on a Monday morning? :-P
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