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Random thoughts at the moment...
Why is there both a Mozilla Suite and an offering of separate Mozilla Firebird (browser) and Mozilla Thunderbird (mail) applications? I've read the FAQs. They only explain the difference, but not WHY. It's preventing me from installing any of them because I don't know what to do.

What happened to the good shows on Fox from a few years ago? Family Guy was hilarious. Andy Richter Controls the Universe was hilarious AND had a really hot girl in it. Futurama... had its moments too, but ok, maybe it was one animated show too many. But it was far better than King of the Hill. I'm probably forgetting some others, but we used to record them all on the Replay regularly and now they're gone without a trace.

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Why is a long story. In the beginning there was Netscape. And it was ok. Then Netscape added thr other packages that made it into Netscape Communicator.
And then the dinosaurs came. But they were stupid and they died. And they turned into oil. And then the Arabs came, and they bought Mercedes-Benzes...
umm... yeah.
Basically, the Mozilla foundation came to realize that having one centralized communications suite would be overkill to re-ignite the broswer wars. They want less memory usage, simplified interface and the ability to run the components separate from each other.

Don't worry, the long term plan is to replace the Browser component with Firebird so it becomes Mozilla Browser, and replace the mail client with Thunderbird so it becomes Mozilla Mail.

So are they all under continual parallel development? Like, if I install the Mozilla suite, and then there's a new Firebird release that enhances standards compliance or something, could I count on the Mozilla browser being updated at the same time?

Seems a bit like digging a tunnel simultaneously from both ends, praying that they'll line up when they meet in the middle. The Euro-Tunnel builders had laser guidance to help them with that. What does the Mozilla foundation have? :)

Yes, continuous paralell development. Firebird is actually based on the browser component of the Mozilla suite. When code updates get checked in to Mozilla, Firebird gets most of the changes automatically.

It's called "configuration management"

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