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WTC Memorial Finalists
All I wanted was a description of the memorial design finalists, but apparently they don't want anyone to understand what exactly the designs are, because all they offer are abstract poetic journeys that are full of emotion but do NOTHING to describe what is actually there.

This one in particular - Garden of Lights - made me wonder where the light from above came from. Like, are they light bulbs in a ceiling, or are they holes that allow the sun to shine through at a specific time of day? But no, they won't say. They're just "stars."

Get your heads out of your artistic asses, people!

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Yeh, that is pretty anoying. They almost give the details then just go into some artistic journal halfway through.

I think it's sunlight. Since it's opens from 8:46am to 10:29am.

However, they say when a cloud passes overhead the stars will twinkle. Uhhhh. No, when a cloud passes over, the entire lower room goes pitch black and chaos ensues.

And imagine all the people who will be blinded when they curiously look up the beam to see where the light is coming from. And I'd hope the tablets lit up by the sun won't be reflective enough to blind people simply trying to read them.

But the sun won't even stay put for the 2 hours it would be open each morning, and it also won't be in the same place throughout the year. The beams would miss their targets more often than not, I'd think.

Don't worry. They'll put in giant hydraulics to move the building to match the position of the sun.

That'll REALLY make visitors feel comfortable, to stand on a floor that moves in the footprint of a tower that fell.

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