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I'll say it again... Quicktime for Windows blows chunks.

Guess what it did now... Apparently it sees fit to cache movies viewed in my web browser along with the rest of the browser's cache. I limit my cache folder to around 20 or 40MB because otherwise it gets insane grinding away and everything.

Well, I went to some RIT student's site and she had some animation projects available for viewing in .mov format. When I viewed one of them, I noticed that before it started playing my hard drive ground away like crazy and I was curious what it was up to.

Well just now I was surfing around to some of my regular sites and noticed that all my cookies are gone and I have to re-login everywhere. Yeah. You guessed it. Quicktime filled my cache with ONE movie and forced IE to delete everything else, including tiny cookie files, in a hopeless attempt to maintain the cache size I requested.

Now when I look at my cache settings, it says it's set to 894 MB. I know I didn't set it to that. How much you wanna bet Quicktime forced IE to raise that value as it kept caching those huge movies in there?

Apparently it's not bad enough to have a movie player that gives my desktop seizures every time I move the mouse and a browser plugin for it that can't even start playing a movie until the whole thing is downloaded so that it's basically the same as opening it in the full application anyway except it's at a fixed size and with far fewer controls. They needed to make it trample all over the browser's cache, too.

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