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I have no clue what this headline means:

Timberlake Pips Pop Divas to Best R&B Gong at MOBOs

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to PIP or not to PIP, that is the question

Picture-in-picture is nice for avoiding commercials. Definitely PIP. :-P

That's what happends when you get old....

hehehe... :-P j/k

Justin Timberlake Pips(pimps) Pop-Star Divas to the Best R&B Gong at MOBOs ("Musicians Or Bad Orangatang?" concert)

That might not be completely accurate or correct, but who cares...

Ok, well actually the only words I didn't understand were Pips, Gong and MOBOs. But without those, the only part of the sentence structure I understood was the subject (Justin) but I didn't know what he was doing to the pop divas or where.

I know what a gong is but it doesn't make sense here, maybe because I need to know what the MOBOs are first.

Fortunately the article provided the expansion of MOBO to Music Of Black Origin. If I read further I might find that the award is shaped like a gong or something. If not, then gong has a meaning I'm unaware of.

As for pip, I looked it up and the most fitting definition here would seem to be "To get the better of; defeat."

But anyway, I just thought it was a funny headline because at first glance it was so random, and at second glance I still didn't understand it.

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