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Amazing Maize Maze

I forgot to mention we did that yesterday, too. Elizabeth and I finished in an hour and 15 minutes with 9 out of 12 pieces of the map. Mom, Kate & Emily finished about 10 minutes later but had completed their map. Fun for all. Oh yeah, the theme was "100 'Ears' of Flight". :-P

Mental note - they have a volleyball net there (on grass) ... something to keep in mind if a bunch of people from RIT want to go like they have in previous years, since many of them also like to play volleyball. :)

When I got up this morning it was raining. So we party boat plans were tossed out. They don't actually get it until tomorrow, but they were going to rent it today just so we could go out in it before we came home. But it looked like it would rain all day, so we just came home.

Oh, my sister had a whole bunch of videos that her mother-in-law was getting rid of and I got to pick a few. I couldn't just take them all and figure out which ones were any good later, because she wanted to offer them to other people as well. So I had to choose quickly. I probably missed some good ones simply because I knew nothing about them. I picked these that I recognized...

American Psycho
Body Chemistry 2
Enemy Of The State
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
The Man Who Knew Too Little
Men Of Honor
What Women Want

How did I do? hehe
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