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Here's my contribuation to Mars Mania.


I dunno... I think something was out of focus. LOL

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Woah. That's like those aliens from War of the Worlds!

Is it a long exposure or short with photoshop enhancements?

1/10sec exposure I think. It's just out of focus and chromatically aberrated.

T oo much free time at work so I touched it up a little for you:


What photo-editing software do you have that you can use at work? Totally not fair! :-P

Why, MSPaint of course.

Wow, you also rotated it 180°! :-P

lol. Why? The ice cap? No, that's the south pole, Northern cap isn't visible. Take another picture tonight of the northern side if you want that.


Hmm... I was pretty sure through my telescope I was seeing a bright edge on top of the tiny circle, not the bottom. I figured Hubble was just flipping it over for the laymen. :-P

Oh yeh, your're probably right.

Well, it would make more sense to me that Mars' south pole would line up wiht Earth's south pole. So if it's indeed the south pole that has an ice cap right now, then I'm probably wrong.

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