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Lake House Party

Someone nagged me about not having pics posted, so I figure I'll make an entry about my time at the Logan Lake House Party.

Friday after dinner I drove down to the lake house to help my sister and brother-in-law with some final preparations for their party. They invited a whole bunch of friends to come over Saturday and just hang out and enjoy the place. It's the first real big such party they've had since moving in there several years ago. They've put a lot of work into improving the property with things like a new path down to the water, tiered landscaping with retaining walls, new boat house and break wall along the water, and lots of less visible improvements.

They bought a whole bunch of tiki torches to line the driveway and walkways. I got to help place a few of them, fill them with fuel, and got to light and extinguish most of them the day of the party. With that long steep driveway, the golf cart came in very handy. :)

I rode along with Kate & the kids to go pick up a keg at this drive-thru "Beverage Center". Neat. :)

I was supposed to be in charge of transporting people with the golf cart. Since the driveway is so long and steep with not much parking down at the house, we figured we would need to shuttle people to and from their cars parked further up the hill. But as people kept showing up, the managed to all fit their cars at the first stop up the hill and didn't mind walking that short distance.

Then as the night went on, one of Elizabeth's friends stole my job anyway. Someone showed her how to drive the golf cart, and then she was having fun shuttling people up and down the path from the house to the water.... and probably up to their cars too as people were leaving. One time I went to drive myself up the hill and the key wasn't in the cart. That girl had it! Hehe. But she was very good at driving it and I guess one of the adults made her keep the key with her so other kids wouldn't try to drive it too. It's quite dangerous to drive on the steep hills if you're not familiar with it.

After everyone got tired of swimming around and playing on the water trampoline, they started gathering around the fire. I stayed on the trampoline for a while until it was a bit darker. The water was nice and warm. I didn't know any of the kids on the trampoline when Spencer wasn't out there, but then, I couldn't see them without my glasses either.

When I had enough swimming I dried off and grabbed my camera to get some pics of all the tiki torches. While I was doing that, the moon came up a beautiful orange. I couldn't get any good shots of its detail though.

Here the moon rises over the lake with the fire throwing sparks in the foreground after someone threw something into it.

Moonrise and Fire Sparks

See the whole album for the rest of the pics I shot. (The ones worth uploading, anyway.)
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