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Pop My Bubbles!
I made the Flash movie for opalcat's Virtual Bubblewrap site. It's still a work in progress that needs more features, but it's at least to a point where I'm proud of it now. :) Go pop!

Just think... when the site becomes überpopular, I can put the original bubblewrap I used in all the pictures up for auction on eBay and retire. Muahahaha! :)

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That reminds me, somebody put it up as a quicklink in one of the sections of plastic.com. It's off the page now, but I saw that and said "hey! cool!"

That was fun! I was just wondering the other day if someone had made a program like that (I was popping bubblewrap at the time). :-)

Well if you wonder about any other things like that, let me know, because I seem to have a knack for coding them. :)


*crosses her fingers in hopes of überpopularity*


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