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Stuff that pisses me off...

Grr... my computer's pissing me off. My stupid on-board audio and my network card insist on using the same IRQ and I can't change them, except by changing the IRQ assigned to the NIC's PCI slot, which also manages to change the IRQ for the on-board audio somehow, so that's totally pointless.

So of course anytime I get network activity, my audio skips and stuff... even playing an audio CD in the CD player!!! What's with that? That's supposed to be the least CPU-intensive type of audio there is. I don't get it.

Then just now I was giving an online piano concert of sorts via AIM audio chat - it was so cool because I could hear the applause. Thanks guys. ;-) But then in the middle of a song, suddenly I noticed my monitor went into power-save mode. What the... that doesn't make sense, because it's set to not enter power-save mode until after like 3 hours of inactivity. So when I finished the song I came over and tried to turn it on - no luck. Sometimes when it doesn't respond after I get home from work, if I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, then hit Num Lock or something a bunch of times, it'll eventually come back on showing the Close Program dialog and revealing that a program was not responding (usually AIM). But when I tried that this time, instead of my Windows screen coming back, the computer just rebooted. So I dropped my audience. :( Sorry guys!

In conclusion, AIM is buggy. ICQ is very stable. Somehow, everyone thinks it's the opposite. I've never had ICQ crash my system in any way, but AIM causes problems left and right. So stuff THAT in your pipe and smoke it!!!
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