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So, Friday I hit the road at around noon and drove 6ish hours to Poughkeepsie to see Weird Al in concert. Aside from my inability to find a rest stop on 17 and my E-ZPass not working on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, the drive was uneventful. I showed up at moosez's door at about 6:30 and misch arrived about 15 minutes later. I brought my Airzooka along and we had fun blasting each other.

We wanted to eat before the concert, but by the time we came up with a plan, it was too late to execute it, so we skipped dinner and headed straight to the show.

The venue looked more suited to host a basketball game or computer trade show than a concert, but I'll take what I can get. At least the folding chairs they set up on the floor had nice comfy 4-inch cushions on the seats.

A few minutes after the 8pm start time, Jimmy Fallon opened the show with a 20-minute set, mostly consisting of stuff he had done on SNL's Weekend Update. Still very entertaining though and he did a good job of warming up the crowd.

...which was too bad because after he left the stage and the audience was all hyped up, the house lights came up and we were left to wait another 20 minutes. Someone needs to be brought up to speed on the concept of an opener.

Finally Al's show-opening recorded music (I wish I could say what it's from, but I'm afraid I'm not as familiar with most of his earlier stuff) starts blaring over the speakers. I'm pretty sure it was the same music played before the show I saw in Rochester 3 years ago. The high frequencies are so overwhelming that it makes your ears desensitize themselves to it... so by the time Weird Al finally takes the stage, your hearing is already temporarily impaired.

I'm not sure why he likes his sound that way. The super-loud high frequencies muddy up the mid-range frequencies, making vocals nearly impossible to hear. (Jeremy disputes this theory, claiming that the midrange speakers just sucked, or were even blown.) I'm all for loud music that you can feel. To me that means lots of bass, but just enough mid and high frequencies so that everything can be heard clearly, not so much that you're causing distortions inside everyone's ear canals. It would be fine if that only happened for momentary "loud parts" of songs, but it was constant, through the whole concert, even on "quiet" songs like his parody of Piano Man.

Anyway, what this all boils down to is that despite how loud the concert was, I couldn't hear it. Fortunately I got his Poodle Hat album for my birthday so I was already familiar with those songs, plus a few of the songs he played from other albums, but there were a handful of songs I had never heard before. And I still haven't, because I couldn't understand a single word he said.

Oh well, I'm still glad I went. After the show we ate at Perkins then went back to Jeremy's place and crashed. But as is usual for me these days, I wasn't able to fall asleep. I just lied there on the couch for hours, before finally losing consciousness shortly after the sunrise started to hint of its approach. Of course, Paul and Jeremy were up an about only an hour or two after that, so I didn't really get much sleep at all.

Paul had to take off to meet some other friends (the traitor) but I was sticking around because quilynn and possibly tenthz were planning to visit in the afternoon.

First, Jeremy decided to beat me at tennis. If I recall correctly, we played one set, which he won in the 7th game. I actually don't remember winning more than one game, but that wouldn't make sense because then the set would've been over when he won 4, right? And I know we played more games than that. Oh well, not important. He won. :-P

Catherine showed up an hour or two later, followed closely behind by Cindi. They both got greeted by the Airzooka as well. After a long exercise in indifference, we ended up deciding to go eat at Ruby Tuesday and get ice cream afterwards, then go play mini-golf at Fun Central. Catherine picked up the bill at Tuesdays... Thanks! Must be nice having an income and no living expenses. :-P Then I got a small vanilla cone dipped in peanut butter, after a misunderstanding with the ice cream stand that listed "sprinkles, dips and toppings" among the things you can put on a cone. Even though the only list of "toppings" they showed was "sundae toppings", they didn't apply. So, what are these "toppings" you can put on cones? I never did find out.

Then we went to Fun Central where Jeremy beat us all a mini-golf (but only because of a lucky hole-in-one). Many of the holes were just downright frustrating. We made up our own "redo" rule because on several of them, the ball would roll all the way back to you in 9 out of 10 shots. Anyway, I was only 3 shots behind Jeremy, but Cindi and Catherine trailed behind with scores too embarrassing to mention here. :)

And then Jeremy beat me in air hockey twice. The second time we both played with our weak hand. I guess luck doesn't care what hand you use, eh Jer? :)

We didn't get back to Jeremy's place until about 8pm. I had hoped to be on the road by then so I could get home in time to catch the Firemen's Carnival fireworks at midnight. Well, despite Jeremy's claim that it could be driven in 4 hours, I didn't make it. But then, I don't drive like Jeremy. I didn't expect it to still take me FIVE hours though. It took around 6 on the way out, but that included a few traffic jams, 4 rest stops, and some wrong turns. I drove back non-stop at constant high speeds with no slow traffic or wrong turns, and only did as good as 5 hours. Weird. Fortunately I didn't feel sleepy at all on the road. I was really worried about that since I only had an hour or two of sleep the night before and wore myself out playing tennis. But I had Code Red by my side.

Needless to say, I missed the fireworks, getting home at about 1am. I slept until almost 3pm.
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